(The Gaia Series Book 2)

Winter is here and Gaia is being held prisoner by The Community at a village deep in the Northumberland hills. The villagers are stranded, surrounded by thick snow and mutant creatures that roam the frozen wasteland outside. Gaia is to be taken to The Haven; the centre of The Community, to learn her fate. The journey will be perilous and fraught with dangers, both old and new. Gaia’s epic adventure continues. Each step will lead to her Awakening. Will she reach her destination? Will she learn the truth?



In the eye of the storm they are watching…

A fierce storm envelopes a fishing village in Northumberland, and a ship the ‘Embla’ is wrecked on nearby rocks. The morning after, ‘Big’ Philip Jefferson, the lifeboat coxswain finds a young girl naked, and alive on the beach. Phil and his wife Mary take care of the girl, vowing to help her return home once the storm has ended. The girl is silent, mysterious, and some in the village are unsettled by her presence. When young men begin to disappear the suspicions grow and whispers spread. Tension mounts as more sinister events unfold, and the community becomes paranoid and divided. Who is this stranger? What is happening to the village? One man is determined to find the truth.  


(The Gaia Series Book 1)


The old world has gone. All that remains is the community - a harsh, brutal, primitive regime that governs through control and fear. Gaia is one of the young, trapped on an island off the coast of Northumberland. Gaia longs to escape before ‘becoming’ - the time when she is forced to serve the society she despises. Time is running out but hope arrives with Aran. He offers escape, freedom, a new life. This is Gaia’s last chance. 

Can she find her own destiny? Who will she become? 

'The end of the world has never been this enjoyable'

'Best book I read in 2016'

'Simply amazing'

'A brilliant debut'

'You know when you read something and it makes you weep because it's so good? That'

'A novel that tugs at the heart of society'

'I couldn't put it down'

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