Guest post by Oonah V Joslin

May 19, 2017

I have invited some Facebook friends to write guest posts on my blog. The theme is anything about their love of music, and/or how it has influenced their lives. I’m delighted to have my first guest blogger today. Oonah V Joslin is a local poet and writer who creates mesmerising and evocative poems that highlight her considerable gift as a wordsmith. Her latest publication is a beautiful collection of verse called ‘Three Pounds of Cells.’ It can be found on Amazon at the following link and is well worth checking out:


Oonah lives in Northumberland, but originates from Ballymena in Co Antrim. Her first love was poetry and telling stories, and early poems were published in Ballymena Academy's magazine. In 2006 she resigned from teaching, joined and became addicted to flash fiction. To her astonishment she won three Microhorror prizes. Oonah's stories and poems have been published in various print anthologies. The first part of her novella 'A Genie in a Jam', is serialised at 'Bewildering Stories'. She was managing editor at Every Day Poets for 5 years after which she became poetry editor at The Linnet's Wings. You can follow Oonah on Facebook or at her blog Parallel Oonahverse.


It’ll come as no surprise that Oonah’s offering on the musical theme is a poem. It was just what I needed to lift my spirits on this wet and dreary Friday morning. Enjoy!


Famous Dave’s -- Oonah V Joslin

(with apologies to Kath and Jim Mickelson)


It’s a top venue

in Minneapolis

the hot-spot of Kool

if you like that sort of thing.

‘Popa Chubby’

I thought he would sing.

And some jazz instrumentals

really swing

but this was just din 

if anything


and it was so loud

I couldn’t hear.

It was so loud

it hurt my ears.

So I stuffed in tissues

to block the pain

and I tried to cope

but it was in vain.

And because I

was in such distress

we had to leave

after the first set.

As we left he played 

guitar so sweet

Over the Rainbow

gentle and low

such a performance

really hard to beat.

That guy could make

a guitar weep!


Had it not been 

for the screaming 

guitars amplified 

to be heard on Mars

I might have proved

a better guest.

My hosts had done

their level best

but progressive jazz

is not for backward me

no matter how famous

Famous Dave’s may be.




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